A Wedding: The Pros and Cons of Outdoors

A Wedding: The Pros and Cons of Outdoors


Happily Ever After? A Look at Weddings

I went to a wedding recently of a young woman who is a friend of mine.

She is my daughter ‘s age so we don’t just hang out and go to coffee but nevertheless we are friends.

She actually is the leader of the band that I’m in. So I see her on a regular basis and we have developed a good rapport and a great working relationship.
I wasn’t totally surprised when she invited me to her wedding. Then when I went to the wedding and saw how small it was, I really felt honored that she invited me .

The wedding was held in Leu Gardens in downtown Orlando . It was supposed to be an outdoor wedding but unfortunately on the day of the wedding there was a lot of rain and the whole event had to be moved inside.

I guess for events held at outdoor venues there usually is a Plan B. The plan B for this wedding was a room that had floor to ceiling picture windows. The windows looked out over the grounds and lake. Because it was a rainy day, the view wasn’t spectacular, but it was still a beautiful room.
There were less than 100 guests. We filled the room comfortably.

The wedding was not terribly unusual . There were a few different elements, like instead of lighting a unity candle, the bride and ground filled up a sand display.
One thing I liked a lot was that the groomsmen were all dressed as old-fashioned newspaper boys. They wore berets and khaki pants, and suspenders with white button-down shirts. It was very different and gave the whole wedding a unique feel .

After the pictures, there was a sit-down dinner. The food was delicious.
One thing I had never seen before was a mashed potatoes martini bar. This was just a fancy way of serving mashed potatoes. They were served in martini glasses with all of the toppings on top of the mashed potatoes. It was very fun and delicious.

One funny thing was that the champagne glasses to toast the bride and groom held no champagne. Instead the glasses were half full of water. I assumed that this was because of the bride’s father’s wishes. He is a Baptist pastor. I’m fairly sure that that was the reason for no alcohol. There was no champagne and no other alcohol served at the wedding

What I wondered about was why they didn’t use just sparkling cider, or even apple juice. I won’t ever ask about it because I don’t want to embarrass anyone, but water? I wonder if it’s something that fell through the cracks, planning-wise, or if it really was supposed to be that way!

There was dancing, however, which surprised me (given that there was no champagne; maybe the bride won that conversation!). The groom is a Latino, so there was a fun mix of Latin music and hip-hop, stuff to do the electric slide to, and good slow-dance music.
So, despite the rain and the cold and having to move the whole event inside, the wedding was wonderful.

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