Heather WSF.

Hi, I’m Heather.
This is a blog that I’ve started about the church I attend and church life and church people.
Don’t get the wrong idea. This is not a slamfest.
This is just me making some observations about people that I encounter in the course of my comings and goings at church.
I am involved at this church in a couple of different areas.
One of these areas is with the music. So part of this blog will be talking about that aspect of my involvement. The other area is in some small group meetings.
I settled on the domain name, WSF process, because WSF are my initials and process is what’s happening through this blog. I am processing my thoughts and observations about church life in general and church life as it relates to this particular gathering I have become a part of.
The last church that I attended, I went to for 13 years. I became dissatisfied with the content of the sermons. It seemed like they were weak and watered-down. It also seemed like they were tired and repetitious.
In the context of helping out other churches with music, though, I found the same thing in some of those.
It seemed a typical thing that pastors would teach messages that felt shallow and irrelevant. I began to feel quite disillusioned. Or at least just discouraged.
I wondered if there was any church near me that would have messages with any substance.
The other thing I began to be disenchanted by was the god-complex that I observed in quite a few pastors. I call it that because it’s something I read about in an article, and the term fits so well.
It describes pastors who have some arrogance about them; who, because they lead a group of people that look up to them and seek out their counsel, let it go to their heads. It really grated on me. Actually, it was more than that. It repulsed me and made me want to run far, far away.
One small example of a god-complex is preachers who title themselves “Pastor.” In a sermon, they’ll say, “So-and-so came up to me the other day and said, ‘Pastor, blah, blah, blah.’”
I think, DUDE. Just use your own name. Don’t separate yourself from us by giving yourself that title. It’s nauseating.
When I found this church that I’m attending now, I really felt like the pastor was authentic and genuine and humble. I didn’t detect pride or arrogance or anything resembling a god complex in him.
This drew me to the pastor and the church. It’s true, I did have to get past some of the problems with his delivery. He can’t seem to get his grammar straight (which, for me as a writer also grates!) but I try to focus on his heart rather than his delivery problems.
So anyway this blog is me processing church experiences. Join me if you dare. I may say some stuff that steps on your toes.
Comment if you like. I’ll respond to comments that are neutral. I won’t respond to comments that are inflammatory and psycho or unreasonable. So just keep that in mind.
Thanks for joining me!

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