Full-Throttle Life

Full-Throttle Life

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Going all out for a cause:

For their honeymoon, the bride and groom (of the wedding that I wrote about last time) went to Ireland. I’m very jealous about that! I would love to go to Ireland.
Many years ago I went through Scotland and Wales and England, but I have never been to Ireland.

I will have to ask her why she chose Ireland as her honeymoon destiny. I’m assuming it was her choice and not his. But I could be all wrong about that.
Both of these kids are graduating from Rollins College.

The girl is a highly motivated sort of person that is involved in a lot of things and does them all well.
She is involved with an advocacy group. That might be the wrong word to use for it, but it’s an organization that helps the underserved and underprivileged.

Her part in the organization is meeting with people at least a couple of times a week to help them learn English.
These people are adults who need to improve their English to function as more participative members of the community and the workplace.

My young friend devotes hours of her time volunteering to teach these people.
In the middle of that, she has been planning her wedding and dealing with all the details and stress of that. She’s also in her senior college year, and on top of that leads the band that I’m in.

I think she’s a person who has the potential of going far. I also think she has the potential for going far and then getting burned out.

I can envision this scenario happening to her: she will spend years applying herself energetically to everything she does. She will do everything and she will make a lot of friends and she will be counted on to come through for everyone. At some point something will break and she’ll get tired of it all and she’ll just stop.

I’ve seen that happen. And it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes people like that have to come to the breaking point before they stop and evaluate the rush of their lives.
It can be so easy for the preacher’s child or missionary child to bend over backwards to please people and do all of the right things. And then one day they wake up and realize that that much striving and that much production just isn’t necessary.

Sometimes, though, they don’t just wake up and see the madness of the over-commitment.

I’ve seen people like this internalize the stress instead. The constant activity, the never-ending commitments, the feeling like they’ll let someone down if they say no. . . .  It all gets turned inside and there it becomes depression. Or shifts into hidden escapes, like porn or gambling or shopping or eating or affairs or sports-addiction.
Seriously. I’m not making this up. Take a look at this document.

So I look at this sweet, sweet girl, and I pray God’s protection over her. I pray that He surrounds her with wise people who can speak to her when they see things going over the top. And then I pray that she listens well and does the hard thing of putting some stuff aside.

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